The “Counter-Narrative Toolkit” website was created in response to the growing need to push back against violent extremist content online. The Toolkit was created following the recognition that many of the individuals that are best positioned to produce credible counter-narrative messages do not always have the skills to do so. The Toolkit is freely available for use by any individual or organisation looking to create counter-narratives. It is intended to be a basic guide for those with little to no previous experience of counter-narrative campaigning, and is by no means comprehensive.

The Toolkit was funded by Facebook and was inspired by a pilot project with Jigsaw (formerly Google Ideas). The project aimed to work with credible messengers to curate, disseminate, and analyse counter-narrative content. The three ‘How To’ videos were also resourced by Jigsaw.

To learn more please download “The Counter-Narrative Handbook”, a one-stop shop to counter-narratives.

If you would like to contact us please email contact@againstviolentextremism.org.